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Pete Codsi's Painting Services

Painter Pete provides a no-charge and no-obligation estimate and that ensures every aspect of your painting project is fully understood from quote to finish.

  • Patching, retaping, repair of holes and /or water damages to plaster or drywall
  • Airless pump paint spraying
  • Emergency custom tints on site
  • Various handyman skills/knowledge and a truck full of equipment
  • Wallpapering
  • Interior and exteriors, for residential homes
  • Confident, honest, polite and patient service, "The Learning Continues"

Paint Selection

Getting good paint is just easier in the end; the color choice, the finish type, the quality of the primer and determining how much to get. Getting the paint color choice before booking the day's work is ideal. The color choice does impact the final price through paint cost, volume, pre-priming and difficulty. I don't quote by the square foot. The end product counts as future advertisement.

I am most familiar with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint - a bulk supplier is essential. I always leave touch up paint for you. I do not have a magic solution to disposing waste paint so please keep your waste paint and dispose at the transfer site yourself when you are finished with it.


I won't apply stucco but I will paint it. Airless spraying is usually easier and often less costly than by roller. For new drywall, when large airless spraying is more likely to get a complete seal, 25 gallons primer in a day is real good news, I always backroll for consistent texture and cover all windows. Airless spray is also fabulous for repainting siding but NOT CARS!! Insurers don't cover that generally so vicinity and wind exposure is super important.


It is a dying art; they show the books; it's super pricey; we all fear it won't come off but paper is very durable to scuffs and hides a lot. Good money onto bad walls? CRAZY! I take the extra time to patch and pre-seal walls and bring extra glue for a good stick. Ceilings or walls, un-glued or pre-glued; seams are near flawless but walls are never true - I do cut corners in this case!

Paper Stripping

I've stripped cardboard, thick paper and restored many walls - paper that won't come off, like guessing in a stock market. I bring a die hard spirit, a pump sprayer, a lot of rags and I get the glue off. Save your marriage; paper stripping is tough love.


I’m not competing but I am saving you the hassle of booking another help service. I’ve got the expertise and the tools, but I’m really a serious painter - GETTING IT DONE! Smaller jobs: baseboards, maybe a cove but not doors, repairing exterior window sills and brick moulding rot, when auto body patches won’t help. Caulking exterior corner bead - it all makes my paint last longer.

If you would like to arrange for an appointment to review your needs, please call me at 905-741-0908 or simply contact me if you have any questions before hand about my painting services.